Alex Gurevich, from  Javelin Partners Venture , enjoying his time.  Photo  Konstantin Kisly.

Alex Gurevich, from Javelin Partners Venture, enjoying his time. Photo Konstantin Kisly.

In order to live the future we want tomorrow, we have to spend today inventing the life we'll live tomorrow. Alex Gurevich shares his visions and hopes for the future, and teaches us how to make sure we invest our time wisely.

Excerpt from Alena Starostina's interview with Alex Gurevich in Tech Fashionist.

What tech changes would you like to see in the investment industry?

There are a lot! I'm a big fan of Elon Musk, I'm a big geek. I love Space X and companies like that; they have grand visions. It's not something that Javelin ever invests in because it's too capital intensive. I want to see more Elon Musk's out there doing things that are short-cutting and expediting the future. Crazy ideas that could be reality because somebody says "I'm going to make it happen!" I think Space X and Tesla are great examples of that. I want to see more of that. I love the virtual reality stuff that's going on. It is amazing and gets your life changing in a lot of ways. ...I want to see more innovation in the genetic technologies and more innovation in general disease management and discoveries of cures. That's happening now because you have a lot of intersection of industries and disciplines, analytics and big data apply to genomics and apply to pharmaceuticals and drug discovery. I think we can really accelerate the pace of innovation there. That's just awesome.

What advice can you give to people who are just starting with investments?

Good question! A lot. One, it's the hardest thing to do, figure out time management, you have to really prioritize and figure out, "How are you going to spend your time?" What are you good at? What's authentic to you? Is it deal-sourcing and building a relationship? Is it creating a brand for yourself through thought-leadership and writing? Are you a really good operator, so you're very good at working with portfolio companies? The truth is, with a venture capital, you have to do all those things. But, you have to calibrate and re-calibrate how much time you spend on each. You have to constantly thinK about how you're spending your time. Are you meeting enough entrepreneurs? Do you need to do more to do that? If you're doing that, then you probably don't have as much time to spend with your portfolio companies. Or, do you need to spend more time with your portfolio companies and spend less time with sourcing? Obviously, again, you have to do both, but you have to find that medium for yourself and every person is different, every person has a different threshold for what they're capable of doing. You have to find that balance for yourself, that's the most important thing.