Alena with Anna Paternot, founder of  Blacklev .

Alena with Anna Paternot, founder of Blacklev.

Excerpt from Alena Starostina's interview with Anna Paternot in Tech Fashionist.

How does technology influence your work?

When it comes to technology, I believe transformational capabilities exist that I can use to improve myself as a producer and to run a business. There's a platform,, which is the first online film industry marketplace and it is catering to next-generation producers, like me. This platform will change the future of the independent film industry as a whole, making it transparent, efficient, and fast. It's already happening. This platform helps to solve key industry problems such as finding bankable talent, finding financing, securing distribution sales, and finding the right project or package.
Its' not just a platform, it is also the biggest producers network, with over 12,000 producers, as well as over 1,200 accredited investors where over 117 films have completed funding. Beyond the numbers, they have one of the highest caliber industry professionals. Four of their members were nominated for Oscars this year. Slated has also a unique scoring system. Every member and every project has a score. The score helps to identify market values of these projects and which elements to attach. That's the crucial part of the business, and that's where I found myself as producer -- developing and packaging.

What do you believe makes a movie, company, or campaign successful?

Great content, packaging elements, the market values, and a company with the right team and unique mission. Packaging consists of attaching elements like talent, producers with credible track records, top-tier sales agents, etc. Each element has to have the right market value and only one platform can provide this packaging score, Slated. All these elements can enhance the projects to find the right financing and distribution sales.
Aside from that, there is an upcoming, game changing, feature that I'm very excited about, revenue projections that will forecast the financial performance of the film with 90 percent accuracy. Now, it's time for us independent producers to get those studio level advantages and capabilities.